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    Brisbane river ramps

    Where is the best ramp to launch closest to the river mouth? Solo too, 17 foot boat.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Brisbane river ramps

    Just my opinion of course, based on boat size and solo: North - Nudgee Beach Ramp- ramp good- 4 lane, pontoon etc, parking good just be careful low low tides out the front. South- Comsile( upstream slightly Gateway bridge) - Fishermans Island ( down the Port way)- both pontoon etc... and reasonable to good parking both ramps.



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    Re: Brisbane river ramps

    Thanks lew. Forgot to mention I am south side. Thanks again

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    Re: Brisbane river ramps

    Hi Billy,
    I'd recommend the ramp at Whyte Island (port of Brisbane)for access to the river mouth. It's a decent ramp at all stages of the tide, has a pontoon for the solo launch and the car park is about as secure as you'll find for a public ramp. Also it might be worth considering Manly boat harbour depending on your boating destination and where you'll be traveling from.


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    Re: Brisbane river ramps

    Agree with the above, fishermans island ramp would be your best option.
    Only things to worry about are at high tide the clearance under the bridges (can always go the long way around if it is an issue) and at real low tides try to avoid using the 2 lanes furtherest from the pontoon with a rig that size.

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    Re: Brisbane river ramps

    Thanks mate

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    Re: Brisbane river ramps

    Thanks fishizzle

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