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    New yamaha, more than i hoped for

    Finally took the plunge and repowered. Brought the vermont home with an f225 worried that i might have bitten off more than i could chew. After messaging another member here who took a 225 off an identical boat because of weight i was worried about the ability of the hull to handle it even though it's rated to 225. It has put the stern 2 or 3cm lower but that's not a problem.The performance is nothing short of spectacular. The old 200HPDI really had some grunt and used about 37l/ hour at 3800 rpm and 22 kn, respectable figures i thought. That just proves what a dinosaur i've become, being left behind by new technology. This thing has awesome torque all through the rev range starting from idle where the unwary could be thrown over the transom if you're not gentle on the stick. I'm still running in but the Yamaha dealer hit 43 kn wot at 6000 rpm on the test to find the right prop. I would have expected better top end speed till he showed me the prop they settled on. 15 x 15 3/4. I did specify that i needed a lively hole shot and that i carry a fair load at times through some filthy bars down here. They nailed it. Had a good play with it yesterday on the local lake and compared to the previous stats i couldn't be happier or more relieved. My normal cruise speed of 22kn was sipping 24l/hr. 28 kn at 3800rpm and 29l/hr. that'll do me although i wouldn't like to be in a hurry at 89 l/hr wot. Cant wait to see what it does after run in when i try the 19p spare prop for a bit of a thrill. Sorry to sound like i'm on commission but it's just really impressed me. I've said before , i'm biased toward Yamaha and this will keep me that way, as long as i'm not singing it's praises too soon.

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    Re: New yamaha, more than i hoped for

    Good stuff glad your happy with the result. I was around 43/44kn with the old F225 spinning a 19" Enertia with a normal load at 6k must be different gear ratio to hit that speed with a 15". I had mine out Sunday with the 175 Etec for a test run and I gotta say I'm very happy with how it went. Yeah power has gone missing but boat feels nicely balanced again. Hit 38kn with the 175 which is plenty 97 days out of 100 for me.

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    Re: New yamaha, more than i hoped for

    The numbers dont mean as much as being satisfied with what you've got. Gladyou've gone the right way too. My initial test runs were lightship so if I get fuel burn figures loaded up somewhere between what I had and what i've seen so far i'll still be well pleased. I'm a tightarse so I rarely run harder than 22 or 23 kn. common sense also dictates that theres no point flogging a motor just because you can

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