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    Garmin 95dv/sv assistance

    Hi guys I have a Garmin 95sv/dv with a transducer. It there any other attachment needed to make or enhance it. I can't seem to get the sv to read correctly.


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    Re: Garmin 95dv/sv assistance

    out of the box they should have everything you need to make it go go.
    are all other sonar "traditional DV" working okay?

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    Re: Garmin 95dv/sv assistance

    Yes everything is working fine maybe I am not doing something right with the buttons as I did not get any instructions with it I have looked on the net?

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    Re: Garmin 95dv/sv assistance

    Maybe u can give me some guidance ?

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    Garmin 95dv/sv assistance

    You shouldn't need to adjust any settings they should read fine from the start.

    What do you mean by read correctly?

    Some photos of the transducer location, and photos of what you are referring to would go a long way in helping some of the other guys on here to help you diagnose the problem.

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    Re: Garmin 95dv/sv assistance

    Rodman, where do you live?
    i have the same Garman on my boat, works fine, brought mine in march, 2015, when they first came out in brisbane

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    Re: Garmin 95dv/sv assistance

    I live in Joyner in nth brissie

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