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    Thumbs up Big thumbs up for Battery Central Brisbane

    I have no affiliation, in fact I only contacted them for the first time yesterday, I was in the market for new start and new house batteries and chose Optima Blue Top and another battery for the house, they were by far the cheapest quote, and I mean by far! They delivered the batteries yesterday (FOC), but I changed my mind on the house battery brand overnight and contacted them this morning, just now they picked up the house battery and replaced it with the one I really wanted (Lead crystal) again FOC delivery. These days great service is a bit rare so when a company stands out from the crowd it's good to give them a plug heh...

    * Excellent pricing
    * Fast (Free) delivery
    * Good blokes, dealt with me changing my mind without any drama

    Highly recommended


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    Re: Big thumbs up for Battery Central Brisbane

    Am in the market for a house battery, will have to look them up

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