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    Offshore Moreton.

    I managed to get out and have a fish on Saturday around the 35's and square patch. Conditions were awesome. The ocean was almost glass besides the odd 1.5 to 2m swell rolling through every now and then. Unfortunately no current meant the fishing was slow but the 3 of us kept at it and got a mixed bag together.
    Once again the trawler was out around the 35's anchored up and once again struggled to find and pull fish up on the 35's. This is the first year I've seen the trawler out there 4 out of 4 trips and it's been my worst snapper season on that reef in 7 years, coincidence?
    We moved on to try some new areas before lunch and sounded some fish on a small
    Patch of reef in about 82m of water. After one drift a second boat speared and joined us on our barely 200m drift.
    After about our third or fourth drift a third boat joined us on our small drift over the small patch of reef and after about an hour of being there in total there were four boats all trying to drift the same little spot so we were the first ones there and the first to leave as I couldn't believe how desperate these other boats were to catch a fish. We could have all held hands. I was tempted to anchor, that would have given them the message pretty quick.
    The spot did produce the goods with some squire, Trag and Kingies coming aboard and jumping in the esky.

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    Re: Offshore Moreton.

    Nice report mate and a good feed thanks for the report
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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    Re: Offshore Moreton.

    The trawler wouldnt be working while anchored. I think you would find that they are only there to sleep. Easy to blame them though, that's the way!!!!

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    Re: Offshore Moreton.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShaneC View Post
    The trawler wouldnt be working while anchored. I think you would find that they are only there to sleep. Easy to blame them though, that's the way!!!!
    Obviously not working when anchored. The boats is FAT C. They used to always be on the 33's but seem to have come out a bit further now.
    I'm curious as to what they would be trawling for? Do commercial boats trawl for snapper sitting 50 -60m below the surface or are they after something else.
    Everyone has to make a living some how and someone needs to provide the market with fresh Aussie fish so we don't have to buy lower quality imported seafood from Wooies.
    I'm not against it, just trying to adapt my fishing to still have productive trips rather than donuts.

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    Re: Offshore Moreton.

    No. He would be a prawn boat. They like to find a good solid patch of bottom to anchor on so they can have a decent sleep.
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    Re: Offshore Moreton.

    The trawlers work at night on the crap ground for prawns. They would come in a bit closer to anchor up for the day. Will not have anything to do with your snapper results. Here is the areas they work from their VMS. They avoid reef like the plague and only work flat country or it will hook them up or tear their nets or wreck their otter boards.
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