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    Fraser Tailor

    Anyone getting any tailor on Fraser? Where? North at Waddy or back near Cathedrals?

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    Re: Fraser Tailor

    Was talking to a mate on Friday who just got back from a week up there and said there weren't many around at all but there were some good sized dart and whiting about.

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    Re: Fraser Tailor

    Arrived home yesterday from two weeks based at Orchid Beach with 9 mates. Probably the worst trip fishwise in the 40 odd years I've been going to the island. Our best catch was 14 keepers one afternoon in front of Waddy Lodge and from there it went down to as low as zero of anything in any species that was a keeper. We saw a 20 kg spaniard caught from the beach on the southern side of South Nagala on our second day. Our best was a 1 kg tailor and a 1.8 kg GT. The highlight was a good Bonefish one morning on a pilchard. I can't recall having caught one at Fraser before but we were all pleased to see it dart off when released. The beach was easy on the cars and we all agreed maybe conditions were just too calm to create gutter structure that might see the fish come in. The drive down the beach on Sunday revealed a trawler beached south of Eurong. Apparently the police are looking for the captain who was repotedly seen jumping for the beach and doing a bolt. Anyway; it won't deter us from returning next year.

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