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    Thumbs up Gold Coast Snapper 27/08

    A late report, wasn't going to do one at all but seen the lack of reports lately and decided best to have something up. No photos with this one though.
    Plan was to head out to the 50's off the goldy looking for snapper on Sunday morning. Unfortunatly we were probably running an hour late and missed some of the better weather out there.
    Wind was good in the morning but picked up pretty bad the closer it got to lunch, swell was close together to start with and lots of chop on the way home!

    Got out there and found some fish fairly quickly, snapper sitting mid water so was happy with that and started the fisrt drift.
    First drift we missed the fish we marked on the sounder, second drift I missed a fish, third drift I missed two fish (the other 3 "anglers" on baord hadn't had a touch at this stage). Fourth drift finally hooked up and boated a 65cm snapper.
    Wasn't red hot fishing over the next couple hours but we still managed 9 nice snapper, majority were 60cm+ with a couple in the 50's. Fish were still biting after 12 but due to weather we started the slog back in.

    Rig was a small ball sinker on top of a set of gangs using pillys. The other 3 anglers were using braid and got 4 snapper, were as I was using mono and managed 5 by myself.
    One of the boys hooked up to what we suspect was a marlin, a big bait ball came through our drift and his bait would have been right in the middle of it when he got hit. His drag was probably set a bit light but would have spooled him if we didn't chase it. Soon after chasing it, it dropped the bait cold, pilly came back still on the gangs intact, no rub or anything at all on the leader. it didn't dive down at any stage, stayed up near the surface.

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    Re: Gold Coast Snapper 27/08

    Thanks for the report mate good effort by the sounds of it
    happy days ahead summer is coming

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