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Thread: Fraser Whiting

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    Fraser Whiting

    Gday all. Will 6lb mono outfish 8lb mono for sand whiting? I'm finding it hard to decide. I'm thinking 8lb would be the better choice to chase a few flathead, though.

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    Re: Fraser Whiting

    I use 6lb on my whiting gear and also land tailor up the island with it flicking silver spinners with a 25lb leader. Good fun

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    Re: Fraser Whiting

    Thought I'd split the difference and get some 3kg Platypus Pretest.

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    Re: Fraser Whiting

    Hey mate.
    I use 6lb mono fishing for whiting at Fraser.
    I use 2 hooks, and often catch 2 nice whiting at once.
    Obviously i use a nice soft rod, and let them run line off when needed.
    Catch a few flatties as bycatch, particularly on the western side. I do loose a few due to them rubbing the line though. I'm not sure if 8lb line would improve the flathead catch by much, but I'm sure you would catch more whiting with 6lb.

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    Re: Fraser Whiting

    Thanks rob. How do you setup the two hooks, if you don't mind me asking?

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    Re: Fraser Whiting

    Hey mate.
    I use a long trace. Around 1 to 1.5m. Smallest sinker k can get away with on top. Just slide the first hook on to the line, no knot. Around 200mm red tube, then just tie the second hook on the bottom.

    Seems go to work for me.

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    Re: Fraser Whiting

    Interesting rig. Thanks very much mate.

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