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    TLD Handle upgrade - Latest info

    Hi all, who has some recent info regrading upgrading a tld handle. Wanting more leverage and also a knob handle. I'm based on the Sunshine Coast. I'm happy to install it myself if it's relatively easy.

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    Re: TLD Handle upgrade - Latest info

    Just get a Tyrnos handle and swap it straight over. if you have the box that the TLD came in it has a tool in there to take the handle off.
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    Re: TLD Handle upgrade - Latest info

    Bluebottle fishing have a few options. I've used a few of the T-bar replacements. The Tyrnos handle is a good option as well. Think from memory when I did mine the nut locking assembly also needed replacement (been a while though)
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    Re: TLD Handle upgrade - Latest info

    Mate I wanted to do the same thing, I googled it and an old ausfish forum popped up from about 10 years ago on how to do it yourself, search "modifying TLD for deep water" or something around them lines

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    Re: TLD Handle upgrade - Latest info

    JClay, I recently upgraded my TLD 20 handle to the Tyrnos 20 handle. It is easy to replace the handle, but you will need the tool that came with the TLD to do it as well as a small Phillips head screw driver.

    Below are the part numbers and costs from the email they sent me. You can contact shimano directly.

    Cheers, Andrew

    Handle - TGT0775 $46.20. Locking nut - TGT0851 $10.78. Postage $5.50.


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    Re: TLD Handle upgrade - Latest info

    Thanks guys. I did a search and read the info but as it was yrs old I thought I would ask if anything had changed. Thanks Andrew P that is great info.

    Thanks all.

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    Re: TLD Handle upgrade - Latest info

    Latest info from shimano. Not sure why it's different to what's above.

    TGT0775 $42.00 + GST

    TGT0774 $10.08 + GST

    TGT0773 $2.31 + GST

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    Re: TLD Handle upgrade - Latest info

    Another option below. I've got various handle upgrades from Alan over the years, product and service is A1. I prefer long in the palm offset style grips, not sure he does a knob style or not. Note Alan is on A/F.

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    Re: TLD Handle upgrade - Latest info

    Thanks for all the help on this.

    Ordered the handles last Fri direct from Shimano. Arrived Mon morning. 4 handles, handle bolt and screw were $244 delivered. Took about 1min per reel to attach. Can't wait to get the boat out and onto some fish.

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