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    baffle creek fishing

    Hey guys, looking at planning a trip up to baffle creek to land my first magrove jack and barra. ive heard the lower reaches from long island out to the mouth are decent for flathead and whiting aswell as the odd trevalley and mulloways out there. but for chasing the jacks and barra how far up the creeks do you actually go to be in the right area and a general ball park area to start if youre feeling generous and are runout tides generally the best time to find them.

    cheers guys

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    Re: baffle creek fishing

    She's a rocky little place for sure, the Dudds have found some good underwater obstacles all along this mighty little creek. Jason Medcalf knows this place like the back of his own hand so chase him up. Look up Qld fishing monthly for his contact details. I've caught a 52cm jack close to the mouth but most people seem to get them up past the ferry crossing about 5k's or so up. Look for drop offs and deep holes. And rocks.

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    Re: baffle creek fishing

    Comp there end of september

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    Re: baffle creek fishing

    Hey mate I camped at the southern end of rules beach right on the mouth, beach fishing one side, 50m behind you is a little creek where you can walk your pots in for plenty of crabs and a little clearing (you can't miss it) where you can launch the tinny, just pick the tides right because it's a very unforgiving beach

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