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Thread: Seat swivels

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    Seat swivels

    I'm looking at fitting a seat to an alloy seat base. The style of seat I like doesn't have a flip back but I need it to face aft to use the table so I'll need to fit a swivel under it. I've never used a swivel & I'm concerned that the seat will rock about with a swivel under it. Can anyone provide a review on seats with swivels under them, & advise a good brand?

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    Re: Seat swivels

    Are you fitting the seat to a flat surface or on a post?

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    Re: Seat swivels

    This swivel will rock.

    Seat swivel..jpg

    These pedestals are solid when mounted correctly.

    Pedestal seat.jpg

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    Re: Seat swivels

    Buy the best........... once.
    ROLL TIDE, ROLL.................


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    Re: Seat swivels

    I'm mounting it to a flat surface so the something similar to the flat swivel in GF's post is what I was considering.
    The reelax site is broken, doesn't show any products so I'll do some googling & see what I can find.

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    Re: Seat swivels

    If you are going to use those cheap flat seat bases, at least get the stainless ones, the black painted ones rust in no time, putting the screws in is a "challenge"

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