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    Hervey Bay rematch

    Hi Hervey Bay Ausfishers. I am heading to Hervey bay on Sunday for a week for another try as my last trip was cut short after only one days fishing, long story and don't want to relive it. Having looked at the weather forecast for next week and it appears as if the northerlies may be making an appearance. If it is anything like Moreton bay then the fishing usually shuts down, I have a 4.7m cruise craft and after some advice if the predictions are right. Am I limited to fishing the Mary and Burrum rivers? I know the Burrum has a new ramp, but what is the River heads ramp like these days?

    Any advice assistance is appreciated.


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    Re: Hervey Bay rematch

    River heads ramp hasn't changed, it's tricky if solo and a glass boat as very rocky. best to launch / return at highs or lows as the current runs quite hard there!

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    Re: Hervey Bay rematch

    Thanks for the reply. I have been and gone. Had 2 reasonable days out on the bay and caught some snapper and a lot of grassies. Then had about 4 days of northerlies, decided to go up to Burrum river rather then try the ramp at river heads solo, managed to catch some early flathead and a couple of grunter. Also fished the flats near the marina landbased where everybody seemed to be going for yabbies and did ok on the whiting as well.

    The 2 days I did get out there where some very thick fogs early, which made it interesting finding my way around. Good trip all in all considering, may give the southern end around Tin Can a go next time, haven't fished there for a long time.


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