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Thread: Electric reels

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    Electric reels

    Hi all.
    Sorry about another one of these posts, but I'm doing it anyway.

    Im looking at getting s combo. I will be using it fir refuse in the 100-200m, and then also starting to play around deeper chasing oogalies.

    although not mainly for real deep, I want it to do the job in at least 400m potentially more.

    what should i be looking at?

    Tanacom 1000?
    miya epoch x4?

    are these up to scratch, or should I look at others?

    all opinions welcome.

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    Re: Electric reels

    If you want to do 400m + get epoch x10 or minimum miya epoch x8 or any brand in that size.
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    Re: Electric reels

    I've got a cheap banax Kaigen and a tanacom bull electric reel and both pull 20-25kg fish from 400m no worries and have been reliable to date. both hold about 800 odd meters of braid.

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