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Thread: Zmans plastics

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    Zmans plastics

    Hi, I'm just wondering if any of the more learned sp guys could check out my first attempt at the zmans, I've applied super glue to them, I was just getting a couple ready for fishing next week. It's my first attempt at them, I usually use the power bait sps, these don't seem as easy, but I'm keen to try them, any constructive advice appreciated, 20170808_195156.jpg

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    Re: Zmans plastics

    Jog heads around the wrong way hook up not down it will be swimming upside down but probably doesn't matter.

    No need to glue either.

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    Re: Zmans plastics

    Thanks, I'll correct that, cheers mate

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    Re: Zmans plastics

    Yeah mate nice attempt but they are definitely upside down. Push the hook through to length mark (lay the jighead next to the plastic and put nick in with hook tip) and try to follow the seam of the plastic. That will make sure its straight. 😀

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    Re: Zmans plastics

    You have pushed them a bit too far up the hook - bunched up. They will swim much better and present more naturally if they are straighter

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    Re: Zmans plastics

    Where you have them upside down using motor oil, I start that way so that the hook comes out at the beginning of the stomach, rotate the plastic while still on the jighead and point the hook up into the body so that you now have it facing opposite to your photo.

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