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    Fishing on the Goldie on Sunday

    What a beautiful day on the water on sunday off the GC. Whales/dolphins and travelled everywhere at 25 to 30 knots. Only thing that could have made it better was to catch a FISH!!!!

    Was one of the slowest days I have ever experienced. Heaps of fish on the sounder all day, huge shows, but at times couldn't even loose a half pillie. Fished from the cathedrals out to the 50's way up north all the way back to east of the seaway for 5 trags (all caught within 15min of each other at about 12.45pm). Heaps of grinners and sharks.

    Had live slimies (which the sharks/grinners loved), fresh slab baits, pillies/squid, floated, bottom bashed, stood on 1 leg, stuck tongue out etc all for no effect.

    Did anyone else experience the fish lock jaw off the goldie or was it just me zigging when i should have zagged again...

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    Re: Fishing on the Goldie on Sunday

    Try nights with the moon before sun up


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    Re: Fishing on the Goldie on Sunday

    Also fished from the 50's to 36,s off jumpinpin bar to the seaway with only a few throw backs. Saw bait and fish on the sounder everywhere but they were not hungry. Just a great day to be on the water. I don't have the luxury of time to follow the lunar best times and just go when I can, which works for me. Still beats sitting at home watching muppets on tv fishing.

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    Re: Fishing on the Goldie on Sunday

    We had an alright day on Saturday off Moreton, 11 squire and a 85cm Jew.

    The only disappointing thing was we couldn't raise and bigger squire/snapper they were all around the 40cm mark I think one was 45.

    Normally this time a year we get 50 to 65 pretty consistently.

    It's amazing how every year

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    Re: Fishing on the Goldie on Sunday

    We went out the 50's off the goldie on Sunday and bagged out on snapper between 58 and 67 with no problem by 9:30. 4 people on the boat and only 3 fishing we had triple hookups all morning. Stopped at the 24's on the way back and pciked up 5 trag to top the box off.

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    Re: Fishing on the Goldie on Sunday

    Was nice out there on Sunday!

    I fished the 36's for 3 snaps up to 60cm and a few pearlie's up to 42cm...



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