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    Reelax outriggers

    IMG_6403.jpgIMG_6402.jpgIMG_6401.jpgThey are 3.6m T Topper in good cond.$500 ono.Thanks.

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    Re: Reelax outriggers

    Might be an idea to post a photo, lots of bases and poles available, so a picture to try to determine what type may help prospective buyers.

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    Re: Reelax outriggers

    Check on Welseys tackle website, they have prices listed for new stuff.
    Secondhand is probably worth half to 2/3s of new price if in good condition.

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    Re: Reelax outriggers

    Those bases are the Reelax T-Toppers and not the Gunnel Mount Bases.
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    Re: Reelax outriggers

    Thanks Aussie123 yeah like I said don't know anything about them,just know they go into the gunnel on the barcrusher.
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    Re: Reelax outriggers

    Id be keen on them mate but shipping to Townsville might be a headache

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    Re: Reelax outriggers

    how much do you want for it ?
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