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    Jacobs well in a tinnie

    I've decided to take a mate on a hire tinny at Jacobs well, just googled the area, looking for any spots to fish, is crusoe is ok, to walk up and down the sand flicking sps. Perhaps kalinga bank? ? Any advice appreciated, and no we wouldn't go on a weekend,also we are very much, amateurs in the boat cheers john

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    Re: Jacobs well in a tinnie

    Sounds like you are on the right track John. It's a great place to explore. Maybe drop into the local tackle shop on the way & ask the question? They'll give you the best info.
    Your day will depend on the restrictions the hire company puts on you - the range will be limited.
    I look forward to your report.....
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    Re: Jacobs well in a tinnie

    Thanks dantren, I will supply one, good or bad lol
    Cheers john

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