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    Simrad NSS7 evo 3 advice

    Hi all,
    After some advice on the Simrad NSS7 evo3.
    Just sorting out electronics for my up coming fit out ( collecting )
    Now I'm pretty certain I want to run with Furuno 588 with a separate dedicated gps.
    However, as normal I react to a bargin ! cant help myself !
    So at the minute, and not necessarily in the future I now have the above Simrad.
    Is anyone currently using one, or for that matter the Evo 2 model that could comment on their pluses or minuses ?


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    Re: Simrad NSS7 evo 3 advice

    I have the NSS16 EVO2 GPS/Radar/Sounder for nearly two years and found it to be brilliant. I bought it for offshore bottom bashing in 70mtrs of water and with the 1 KW through hull CHIRP transducer it does not miss anything. I normally run with split screen 50/50 with the radar overlaying the GPS.

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    Re: Simrad NSS7 evo 3 advice

    Thanks liprippa for the feedback.
    Sounds like you've got all the bells and whistles with your set up there.
    This one, as mentioned is only the 7 inch, I had planned and read up on the furuno and was pretty confident I was going that way, then getting
    a separate dedicated gps, until this bargin came up. I was picking I'd have to spend 1000-1200 for a dedicated gps unit, and this evo 3 came up at the same price ( $1200 ), so I guess I haven't spent too much more than what I was going to if I use the evo3 as a gps only and indeed go for the furuno as my main finder.... But, in researching a bit about the nss7 it is quite impressive what they can do. There's a fair bit on google on the evo2 model, not a lot on the new evo3. I don't think there was two much difference between them, a better viewing screen, an extra port at the back probably the main differences. So, I guess I will look at what's needed to make the evo 3 work to its potential, as far as transducers etc and make a decision, seems a waste to just use it as a dedicated gps. A trip into moose marine will give me all the info no doubt, he seems right up with all things electronic.

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    Re: Simrad NSS7 evo 3 advice

    thats a great deal for an evo3.
    The solar max HD screen is a pretty groovy piece of kit.majorly its how fast it all performs when being a tad demanding that impresses me with these evo3s.
    in short... its a bit more future proof than the previous Sport series.


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