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    Difference in Bream fillets

    Just wondering if anyone can give some insight into why my bream fillets come in two varieties: they're either firm, with a blue tinge running along the top half of the fillet, or white and not quite as firm in the others.

    Most of the time (maybe all the time - haven't paid perfect attention) the white, less firm variety are in larger models, but last night I filleted two that were both 35cm, and one had the blue, and the other white flesh. One did die a bit earlier than the other, but both were treated/handled the same way.

    Anyone know why this difference in colour and firmness/integrity of the flesh happens?


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    Re: Difference in Bream fillets

    I have seen that many times, not too sure what it is, some are nice and almost clear, and some are distinctly white, kind of like "cooked" (but not really) they seem to taste the same, and no different in appearance when cooked. I have noticed now and then a worm like "thing" in the flesh, I just cut off the bit that has it, never noticed if the "worm" fillets are the White ones though.

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    Re: Difference in Bream fillets

    Breeding season might have something to do with it and hormonal changes in the fish or what there feeding on or were they came from as in water quality wise.

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    Re: Difference in Bream fillets

    Could be lots of things I guess, all my Bream are caught in the ocean, in nice clean water, doesn't mean of course that I caught one that has just come out of a lake or harbour or something.

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