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    Banks Wednesday 26th

    Heading out to the Barwon Banks tomorrow anyone else thinking of doing the same ? Has been awhile since I have wet the boat so weather looks to be the goods atm.

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    Re: Banks Wednesday 26th

    I wish mate, stuck in WA working, give us a report, I'll be punching it straight to the Hards when I get back next week if weather is good. Cheers will

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    Re: Banks Wednesday 26th

    With a big audit today no hope of heading out. Look forward to seeing a report from out there, hopefully over the weekend or early next week might get a chance to get out... weather pending....

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    Re: Banks Wednesday 26th

    Sorry for the late follow up , rarely come on here now. It was a top day , got better as the day progressed . Lots of whales and the resident dolphin. Cant really say the fishing was great , we ended up with a nice feed of Snapper , Tuskies , Sweetlip but no pearlies. Got hit on the floater with no hook up first run then fowl hooked a jelly bean on the second . We had a free swimming black marlin around the boat for about 1/2 hr feeding on bait. I am thinking now that's what took the first floater. It was nice to see a free swimmer hanging around the boat , was thinking the water temp was far to cool for him to be active but there you go. Have photos but they don't show the catch just the dolphin and splash of whales that were way to close each breach. Possibly 4 other boasts out there.

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