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    Fishing show saturday mornings

    How many of u tried to listen to those 3 clowns on 4bc on sat mornings at 5am.
    Well i have tried many times. After about 5 mins i have had enough.
    All they do is bag each other. Today was a record. 2 of them ganged up on the other after 20 secs.
    They called one a wus, then they had to explain to the kids who were supposingly listenening what a wus was. Its a real joke.

    I know nugget does his at 6 on fm101 but just hard to pick up on the radio, but its great show.

    I really miss when nugget had the 2 hr show on saturday and Sundays

    I will not be trying anymore with the idiots on 4bc.

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    Re: Fishing show saturday mornings

    Run out of coffee this morning champ?

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    Re: Fishing show saturday mornings

    I'm with Sea horse ...... maybe my coffee was cold as well.


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