Having been to 1770 on others boats I think it's time mine got up there and having a spate of reasonable health and replaced the trailer bearings and a mate that should be free I'm hoping the weather early next week is going to play ball.

It's funny how I've been there and had a ball but I now realise all the little things I've missed. I haven't any marks, still there's been a few posted to get people started so I'll begin there and work my way in a NE direction, I'm pretty sure I can find my way into Fitzroy lagoon and have an idea on what to watch out for and lots of other small details i have missed.

How is the bar, I recall seeing in past months photos posted of a shallow bar, is this still the case, should it be crossed only on the upper half as this will affect my timing. I'm planing on getting up there late Monday, fishing Tuesday, Wednesday till lunch and then journeying home, if anybody else is going similar times I'm would like to try and catch up only if it is just to run through the bar on the way out. At this stage I can change dates also.

I run an Allison Vision 195 with a 150hp Yammy, I will only have 260 litres of fuel which should be enough for an exploratory trip as I average 1.4kms per litre of fuel.

Any advice would be much appreciated.