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    Whiting in the sountern bay

    Hey guys,

    Been fishing the bay for a bit over a year now after moving down from better fishing grounds but it is what it is. I've managed to snag a few nice reliable flatty, bream and tailor spots but after all my efforts I'm still a bit lost when looking for a half decent whiting spot.. Most of the places I have tried ill get a 3 or 4 keepers but not much more although I only take home ones over the 25-27cm mark as its not really worth it for smaller ones. I'm not after your secret spots or marks but more so just somewhere to get started, I've got a 3.9 tinny with a 40 so most of the stuff above Russell island is weather permitting and would rather a place more accessible when the winds aren't playing the game. Also what part of the tide is your pick and what baits are go to, normally ill push up on the sand bank as the tide comes up and float some yabbies around. Ive heard the rouse channel is good but i don't know if that's a good idea in my boat. I wouldn't say no to getting some advice on some southern bay snapper either

    Cheers guys!

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    Re: Whiting in the sountern bay

    If your fishing around Russell sneak over to Pots(pats) point on macleay island'.Google it.
    You will soon learn the tides and time to fish. Good luck.

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    Re: Whiting in the sountern bay

    Cheers Tracker! I'll have to check it out

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    Re: Whiting in the sountern bay

    As mentioned above pots point can deliver at times as do the banks east of coohie and between maclay and coohie. If I want whiting I go to the rous channel leave from Cleveland or Wellington point about 9km and I almost always get a good feed. I now you have a small boat but there are plenty of good days you can run up there.

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    Re: Whiting in the sountern bay

    Cheers mate, what kinda conditions is required for a decent day in my size boat? what winds and swell do you need for a decent day up the top half of the bay for it to be safe enough

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    Re: Whiting in the sountern bay

    I would suggest a day under 10kts for the first trip just did a quick measure on the map and its 6km from raby bay and 5km from wellington point to the first yellow in the small ships channel a starting point. I have seen many small tinys fishing that area before and I think any day with lite winds wont be a bother. Worms and squid are my baits and tides don't seen to make any difference though as usual it all seems to stop when there is no run at all like top and bottom of the tide. Any reasonable weather and you will see boats scattered all the way up the rous and in fisherman's gutter. Good luck if you give it a go.


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