further to my last post below, I have purchased the HDS Gen 3 as my choice of head units

I have also got the Total Scan transducer.

Now when I was fishing 4 years ago, I was using the 50/200 khz transducer with a narrow beam - circa 100 meters saltwater.

Talking with some retail staff and viewing Lowrance video's it says that Totals Scan is good for up to 200 meters in saltwater.

Is anyone using this transducer? what it is like?

The reason I ask is that I still have a 50/200khz transducer and wondering if I should install it? it is essentially another 26mm hole in my transom to fit.

if I do fit it, and want to use chirp, how does the head unit know which transducer to pick? Both will have 200khz, one with a narrow beam and one with a wider beam.

Any advice and experiences please?

Regards Adam