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    Raby Bay Kayak Bream Comp ! Weekly Video <3

    Hey Recently Competed In the Yak Hunters Australia Raby Bay bream bash comp heres a few clips from it ended up with 6th place which im stoked with as there was so many bream gods fishing the comp
    Cheers Brandon

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    Re: Raby Bay Kayak Bream Comp ! Weekly Video <3

    Good one, mate.

    What pound leader you running? Also, what lure/s? Looking to get into breaming with pastics/hardbodies.


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    Re: Raby Bay Kayak Bream Comp ! Weekly Video <3

    Was running 4lb leader but was thinking of starting to run 3lb fluro all the way through the best hardbodies are definetely atomic hardz and jackall chubby and even diztek fb35 and cnk 50 plastics i use all kinds from keitech spiders 2" to zman grubs slim swimz gulp crabbys and shirmp. hope that can kinda help you out a bit but bream fishing is so anoying man ahah cheers for always commenting on my vids <3 ahha

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    Re: Raby Bay Kayak Bream Comp ! Weekly Video <3

    No worries, mate. Keep at it - you'll be a pro by the time you're my age!

    Yeah, breaming is finicky, but I'm only used to bait, so am keen to give the other side a go. Just spent a few days down the goldie and got a bunch each night in the canals. Much easier to get a feed down there at night than in Bris!


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