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    What would you choose out of these combo options options?

    Im back after 4 years! My youngest is now 4, and have been out of the water since he was born (sold the boat etc).

    Just purchased a new boat and getting ready to get out on the water again.

    The boat is a 2352 Trophy and will mostly be used around Moreton Bay, and if Im “a good boy” once a month fishing offshore.

    In the previous boat I had 2 x Lowrance HDS. (I really liked them)The dash on the new boat has room for 2 x 7inch combos.

    Option 1: 2 x Lowrance HDS 7 inch. I have a 50/200 TD from previous, so I would get one head unit and one total scan package.

    Approx cost with cashback off 1150 + 1300 = 2450

    Question, will I have issues running 2 x transducers on boat? (as above)

    Option 2:

    2 x Simrad GO 7. One head unit + 50/200 TD = 1150 + combo with downscan TD + 1000

    2 questions 1. Will the lowrance TD work (50/200 that I have) with this? 2. Same question as above, any issues running 2 x transducers?

    Opinions and advice appreciated.

    Cheers Adam

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    Re: What would you choose out of these combo options options?

    Welcome back to boating! good times ahead
    so the new HDS7 carbons are a few lightyears ahead of where you would of left off with your older HDS series units. better.....everything. Even the previous Gen3 series are rather good. having two of the same makes for a great case of networking. of which the HDS can do. the Go series from simrad cannot.

    first question A: no you wont have issues if set up correctly. "selecting the right transducer and sonar source"

    option two questions

    1. yes it will work with the simrad Go xse with the use of a Xsonic plug adaptor "lowrance of old uses a blue 7 pin connector. newer lowrance carbon/simrad units use a Xsonic 9 pin plug pretty easy to do. (gen3 HDS still use older blue plugs)
    2. no issues running two when set up correctly.

    its a bigger world out there now. plenty of brands and models to suit everybody.


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    Re: What would you choose out of these combo options options?

    Thank you Moose,

    That is very helpful and appreciated.

    My options are therefore: (prices below sourced from internet and include cashback and adapter where required)

    1. HDS Carbon - $3158
    2. HDS Gen 3 - $2448
    3. Simrad Go - $2199

    Networking between systems wont be important, NMEA 2000 will be which all units can do.

    I will rule out HDS Carbon, based on budget and that the other two 'will do the job'

    Have a question about 'robustness' of the Gen 3 and Simrad - are they roughly equal, same parent company?? (I have never had an issue with previous HDS's, never had a Simrad. ), my opinion might be swayed by looks, is that a mistake when talking these units??

    Cheers Adam

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    Re: What would you choose out of these combo options options?

    Good to hear you are back on the water Adam! Nice boat. I'm thinking about downsizing from the Vagabond to go further afield (trailering North) to chase Bara etc in estuaries and dams...


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