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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    Quick fix is get new tyres but get light truck All Terrain pattern, huge difference to stock tyres.

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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    Manly has definitely been slippery for us too.

    I have a 4x4 BT50 that has started sliding backwards after driving the boat onto the trailer (with a boat catcher).

    Bit of power on the boat engine to stop the slide, climb out to the ute, engage 4x4, and drive forward 1m, go back to boat, power down, tilt up, back to ute and drive out.
    It was a bit of stuffing around, but, the feeling of the whole lot sliding backwards was very uncomfortable !!

    I am a fan of having it in 4x4 now and use it always (because it's already there). I think a diff lock may not help that much if the ramp is slimy across the whole width.
    Someone mentioned sand or similar, I like that idea too, you'd only need it if the ramp was slippery at low tide.
    If it's possible to avoid dead-low tide on a slippery ramp that might help too.

    It may not be needed to spend extra on a locker/4x4 with a bit of planning/scheming

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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    This is something that has concerned me for some time as I launch and retrieve solo with a boatcatch. Thanks for the tips. I will take two bricks as well and put under the front tyres (LT All Terrains) of my BT50 just in case I get caught out as well.

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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    With regards to chocking--remember that if you have it behind a front wheel and need it to stop you sliding backwards, it has to stay there until you are actually moving forward, and you need to keep moving, which means it will then chock the rear wheel as it hits it. And probably stop you. So a brick, while cheap, is not ideal. You need something on a piece of rope you can pull away with one hand while driving forward. Idea is to have it tied off to the tray, with just enough rope for you to have it in hand with your arm out the window as you let the clutch out, yank it out and away, then drag it behind as you go up the ramp. Do it right and it will stay away from the back wheel as you move. Or don't tie it to the ute, just pull it out and away as you move off, and walk back down and get it when you are fully out. As to actual traction, if you have nothing in the tray, all these utes are really light in the bum, particularly with an alloy tray. Just a couple of 20 kg bags of sand in the tray over the axle makes a big difference to traction, and everyday driving as well.
    Don't go 4WD if you don't REALLY need it, 99.9% of the time in the city they are just a big drag on you in every respect.

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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    As said extra weight in the tray, rear wheel chock tied to the tray with a bit of extra length of rope so it drags behind but not long enough to catch the trailer wheel.

    Please dont use sand on the ramp, I like having clean dry feet when I jump back into the car after launching and retrieving on concrete ramps.
    If your public ramp is slippery then contact the local council as it is there job to maintain it and high pressure clean it etc..

    Also remind them it needs to be done at low tide if possible, seen the south manly one getting done at the top of the tide before and they had no intentions of coming back at low to finish the job..
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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    Glad to know it not just me who found the ramp at Manly slippery.

    I was thinking of getting 2 chocks for the front and just tying them over the wing mirror with and hopefully they should come with me as I drive away. But as I said I noticed the ute sliding as I opened the door to get out so in theory I wouldn't have had a chance to even put chocks under the wheel.

    Anyway I will just try the chocks and some sand bags for now and cross my fingers as I am not keen to get a 4wd as I would rarely use it in 4wd and my boat is not particularly big.

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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    Better quality tyres (or even just new ones).
    Lower pressures slightly.
    LSD would be better if you won't go 4wding anywhere as on road performance could improve with lsd. But as others have said if the whole width of the ramp is slippery, this or a diff lock won't help too much.
    If your Bt50 has traction control, make sure its on.
    Last possibility - for the brakes, you could try something like this
    Just some thoughts.

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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    That brake depressor tool is a great idea for front wheel braking on a slippery ramp when vehicle is stationary and if your handy with the spanners can easily make one yourself. Youtube has some vids and one is even made with a caulking gun.
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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    Thanks again guys. I didn't know there was such a tool, I have often used a piece of 4x2 cut to the right length and jammed between seat an brake to check and work on the brake lights by myself, just didn't know you could buy ready made adjustable tool for the job. I might just give the 4x2 a try next time I am at the ramp.

    Might also get a price to instal an Lsd got to be cheaper then a diff lock.

    I did get new LT al terrain tyres fitted after the first wheel spinning incident and they have improved traction somewhat. Lost of things to investigate if only I didn't have to go to work.

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    Re: Vehicle upgrade vs new 4x4

    Hi Berger,

    Here's an idea from the past.
    I used to watch 161 three speed Holden utes tow Haines V213C's up that ramp in the early 1970's.

    Jack-knife the trailer at the last moment when reversing down so the trailer is a bit sideways.
    This takes the downhill force of gravity off the rig.

    When taking off the ute is only swinging the drawbar for the first meter of so and when the weight comes on the ute is moving and the clutch is fully engaged.

    Could be an issue when the ramp is busy.

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