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    Electronic Drum winch shootout

    Today our good friend John "Bear" Willis. dropped a video online of a recent independent test on 4 of the leading drum winch brands, testing them for pulling power and torture testing among other things.
    In a world of very very intense rivalry between brands its fantastic to see a scientific independent test done
    have a look below.

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    Re: Electronic Drum winch shootout

    Remember to always log on before heading offshore.

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    Re: Electronic Drum winch shootout

    Quote Originally Posted by ozynorts View Post
    hahah i must of been in the shower nice one.

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    Re: Electronic Drum winch shootout

    Seeing how this thread has developed in the boating section, I wouldnt be talking about anything you sell. It could be twisted to you being a capitalist, hahahahahahaha

    I just cant believe the vitiol and blow back. The tests results just dont get a mention.

    Such is the world we live in.. I for one will visit your shop when i am back in Melbourne. I will support your business.

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