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    Buying a Mazda CX5 info.

    Yep I know it's not a 4WD but this was the only forum that was close .

    A family member wants to get/order a 2017 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring . Would like to have an idea of what they can be negotiated down to before having that conversation with a salesman . Has anyone by chance purchased one recently or work in the game that can give me some info ?

    Cheers Hagar

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    Re: Buying a Mazda CX5 info.

    No idea sorry.
    A friend of mine was a car sales person and he reckoned there was 16% in a car, that was a few years ago though. I reckong the only way you know that your on the right track is if you have the sales person running back and forth between you and the sales manager, if you don't your paying too much.

    Alternatively find yourself a fleet dealer, those guys work on volumes and if they make a couple of hundred per car they don't really care.

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    Re: Buying a Mazda CX5 info.

    Find yourself a car broker, cost well and truly worth it, i saved quite a few grand on my lat purchase. Mine had retired unfortunately.

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    Re: Buying a Mazda CX5 info.

    Check out AutoexpertTV on YouTube. Aside from an entertaining, informative and interesting channel they also offer this service with no obligation (as i understand from his videos)

    I have no affiliation or have ever used them or know anyone that has used them but i do like his no BS (and engineering) style presentation even if he's a bit rude.

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    Re: Buying a Mazda CX5 info.

    Thanks guys

    Just remembered I do know a broker from my local . Might give him a ring .


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