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    Fishing bundaberg

    Iam heading up to bundaberg at the end of June for the bundaberg fishing classic

    Can anyone give me any help with where to fish and target fish?

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    Re: Fishing bundaberg

    Greg, for the river fish the hot water outlet from sugar mill next to bundy rum, night time, best bait green prawns

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    Re: Fishing bundaberg

    Thanks Robin.,What will I catch?

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    Re: Fishing bundaberg

    grunter bream, now im not a bream eater, but the fish from there were large and so sweet due to the outlet

    using green prawns if the fish didn't bite, they got cooked, temp there in the high 80's

    I do have reef marks but don't know how to transfer them

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    Re: Fishing bundaberg

    I got ur pm robin


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