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    Help needed -networking GPS and HF

    I look after several rescue boats for Whitfords sea rescue and recently installed new HF radios which need Nema connection to the Navnet units for the radios to have GPS coordinates , the supply told me its best to install a line isolation device so each piece of equipment cannot back feed into the other by optical isolation which being a sparky I understand , their unit is $ 500 and I need three , do have any ideas where I could source these from, appreciate any help you may offer.
    I've just had this request made to me from another fishing forum. I'm not familiar with what he's talking about, except to assume it's like the VHF DCS where you can ping a position form a radio broadcast. Could anyone offer suggestions?

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    Re: Help needed -networking GPS and HF

    Hmmmmmm. There have been situations where certain Furuno bits of gear have required opto isolation but it has been more to do with not enough output signal level to drive multiple loads. Personally I would hook it up and try it but if he wishes to isolate as his tech has recommended you can get isolated output splitters that will do the job he requires with one module and less money. This is assuming that by "NMEA" he is meaning a NMEA0183 and not conversion from NMEA2000 to 0183 or some other thing. If he does a google search for "NMEA0183 splitters" all the info is there.
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