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    33 Days at Idle Daze

    Some time ago I posted in the M and G section about wanting to spend a month at 1770 and member Magilla1 made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Tony owns 'Idle Daze', a house in Agnes that is on Grahame Collyer Dr, about 250m from the servo and a short walk to the pub. On a plus side, the trip home from the pub is down hill, so if you get a skin full getting home is a breeze. That happened a few times, but the weather played its part in that, more on that later.....

    I am not going to hide the fact that this is partly a plug for Tony's property, it is a lovely little house, not far from the beach with plenty of room for boats and cars, well appointed and a cracking place for a bit of time away with the boys fishing as much as it is a great getaway for the family. I can't recommend it enough and if you are thinking of accommodation in Agnes it is certainly well worth considering.

    Now the fishing.... well we had some hiccups. It blew.... and blew... then blew some more. We had some laughs with the common statement being 'It cant blow forever", but as it seems, it can!!!

    We only got one full three day trip to the reef, and the fishing was exceptional,. We had no trouble getting the amount of fish we were after which included all the normal species I target up there, and another 1 1/2 day trip last week in which we did well considering the time we had and the conditions we endured.

    We filled in quite a few days chasing mackeral in close in the lumpy conditions in which we achieved results that varied from amazing to underwhelming on a day to day basis. There really was no pattern to bite times/ tides or conditions that bought them on, some days we belted them, other days we struggled big time.

    My chief engineer/ deckhand/ electrical advisor/ sober enforcer of drunken hooligans Lance had to return to Brisbane to have surgery which also put a bit of a dampener on things, but he is on the mend and will hopefully bounce back better than ever, sooner rather than later.

    We had a few visitors during the time up there which added a vital financial injection to the pub and local backpacker establishments and my young bloke and his mate came up for a few days but between the skate park, beach and them perving on young ladies from the other side of the world that they may have a chance with in about eight years time, we hardly saw them.

    The crappy weather aside, we had a great time at Idle Daze, spent way too much time at the local licenced establishments, and cannot recommend Tony's property enough.

    I know the fishing report is a bit vague but I very rarely post them, my mate took some photos of some really good fish and when I get a new phone (I have destroyed two in two weeks which is problematic), I will get him to text them to me and I will post them.

    Cheers men,

    Go Queensland,


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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    Cheers for the good times Shane. Hope you brush up on your poetry. Are we actually welcome back anywhere?

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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    Shame that you had a cat, if you had a mono you wouldve had a lot more options to get out fishing. I guess we all live and learn

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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    Quote Originally Posted by JulianDeMarchi View Post
    Cheers for the good times Shane. Hope you brush up on your poetry. Are we actually welcome back anywhere?
    Well as luck would have it, Lance and I are welcome back everywhere, dunno about you blokes but....

    Lots of poetry practice going on mate, one needs to keep their hand in on their greatest talents, lest one loses the knack

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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    Sounds like an awesome time had by all - can't wait for the photos. Hope you get your phone sorted. We were there between 26-29th May also. Darren.

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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    Hi Shane, I think it must have been you guys that we saw when we were up there. We were also in Graham Colyer drive from the 1st of May for 2 weeks. I have a silver Riptide and there was also a blue Riptide with us. I know what you mean about the wind!!!! We ended up coming home early because of the wind. That is a perfect location for a stay isn't it. Were you cat in the house near the backpackers that also had a smaller boat or were you the cat around further closer to the beach access?
    I didn't realise you were up there or I would have come and met you. Not a great deal to do up there if your not fishing hey.


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    The wait is finally over.........was worth every minute..........let the RIPTIDE rip..........hell yehhhh

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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    G'day Shane,

    Not sure if you got my text with your phone issues mate, but appreciate the kind words regarding the "Daze".
    You, your family and mates are welcome back anytime.


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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    We were watching you guys go past the house towing the Riptides a number of times.
    They are both awesome looking boats.
    Shane and I were in the house with the Noosa Cat and that smaller boat out the front.
    Thanks Tony for the house mate, it is a great setup and so handy to everything.
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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    Any Weather, sure was us near you guys. Couple of nice rigs there that you blokes had. Next time mate, pop down I dont think it will be the last time I do a month up there.

    Daz, sorry mate I didn't know! We took off Saturday arvo, the young bloke had a rep selection rugby game and wanted me to go on Sunday so I left a couple of days early... next time.

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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    Couple of phots as promised. We got a couple of big pearlies in the shallows but would be a rare catch that far north I would think. And a big spanno... was a good day outClick image for larger version. 

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    Re: 33 Days at Idle Daze

    Nice pic's mate, how good's that glassout

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