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Thread: mako goes off

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    mako goes off

    I saw this in the paper this morning.

    not surprising

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    Re: mako goes off

    I don't know who is right and who is wrong, but here is another article on the same incident, with completely different information.

    A reminder of how crap and unreliable media are at providing information nowadays.

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    Re: mako goes off

    Funny, I was listenening to car radio.......... then a man got a white shark jumped into his boat, there was audio, and he said he jumped on gunnel, away from shark......
    Anyway his wife might go fishing with him again at a later date.........


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    Re: mako goes off

    What boat measures 1.4m wide??? Media is shocking at reports by stuff these days...

    Nine news said the boat was 1.4m long, they really need to research boat lengths..

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    Re: mako goes off

    Here in Perth it was reported as a Great White the fishing stories (like mine) get bigger or better every time you tell them !

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    Re: mako goes off

    I heard great white too, but I suspect a mako might be more accurate. I hooked an 8 ft mako once, and it made 3 very high junps, all within less than a cast length of my boat. I decided to cut the line before he jumped in for a cuddle.
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