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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Bring it on.
    Use all of the money raised to fund a heap of inspectors, then use all the moneys from convictions and penalties to upgrade facilities.
    In Victoria you can expect to be inspected every four hours or so from my experience........the way it should be here.

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Have to say I am fundamentally opposed but for reasons not yet articulated. It just becomes an impediment; another imposition. A reason not to bother. ......Dad, can you take me fishing (instead of me sitting on my arse playing video games)?....No son, I can't be f##ked. It's too hard, I don't have a license. It used the be, when I was a boy, that going fishing was one of life's simple easy pleasures and a chance to be free. Bit by bit, things I used to do are now against the law, and are we (or the fishery) really better off as a result? They (being the government and its mean, green masters) just want to make it all too hard. They really want to impose rules, regulations and roadblocks. They want to take one of life's simple pleasures and make it so difficult that we give up. It is the agenda. I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but I have sat in the same rooms and listened. I am opposed to a fishing license, not because it will impact me. I am a fisho, and if I had to buy a license to do what I do, it would be no different to buying a block of pilles or a tank of fuel, but, it is not about me. It is about the future. It is about keeping fishing a part of our culture. Keeping fishing as something we still do as part of what it is to be an Aussy. So; quiet frankly F%%^ 'em. No RFL. We have to resist this. For all the good arguments which can be mounted about the good that will come from funding, nothing will overcome the damage done by making fishos require a license to undertake the simple right to participate in the hunter/gatherer lifestyle which is part of our culture. Don't fall for this. We don't require a license to play cricket or footy and we already pay more than our fair share in fees. charges and taxes.

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky_Phill View Post
    I sat on the Arti Reef working group that oversaw some arti's get deployed in SEQ. Myself and ALL other members ( non Government ) did this for free, ah yes, we did get a cuppa tea and piece of cake.

    We recently deployed a couple of artificial reefs in Hervey Bay and outside Moreton Bay. There is other work being done to get some deployed off Weipa.

    The thing is with Arti's, we need local people to make the applications and there is currently funding available for these. A good offshore arti is small change, compared to the return they provide.

    The idea behind an Arti is to locate them where the most fishing pressure is and that is adjacent to high population areas.

    Have a look at what is happening in WA in this link...

    It's not a matter of funding for these, I think it is the will power or lack of it from the pointy end of town.

    I think your last sentence sums it up Phil. The argument (and I realise you aren't pushing the argument but playing devils advocate) for a RFL to fund artis is null and void because money isn't the issue. we dont need a RFL to get aris we need some motivated parties.

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Nice drugs Phil ........ where did you get them?

    wouldn't support it even if I was getting a cut.


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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    I'm with kc. An rfl would be pandoras box. Fine at first, then the additions would start. Regional specific, one for nth qld. Another for central, and so on. Then species specific, the dodgy numbers and research brigade will justify it all in the name of sustainability. I simply don't trust any of them to do anything in our favour without them getting a big spoonful first.

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Gurn, it is a death by a thousand cuts. First the license, then the log book, then the course you have to do to get the license in the first place. Think that is far fetched? Have a look at Germany. An RFL is the start of a slippery slope which says, I accept the governments right to impose itself on my lifestyle. Once they get a leg in, when does it stop? What regulations is ever wound back once imposed? I know there is an argument for quantifying our numbers and a specific funding pool but to me, NO WAY. We pay GST on our gear, our boats and our bait. We pay road tax for the fuel in a boat which will never use a road, we pay rego and PPV levy and a SIP. How much is enough. An RFL has nothing to do with making fishing better and everything to do with making fishing less popular, less convenient and something kids are less likely to do. Look into the motivations of groups lobbying for an RFL and in most cases they end up a potential beneficiary. As to individuals lobbying to an RFL, they are, in my opinion, niave and misguided. What "scheme" cooked up by a Government department, ever end up fulfilling its goals? To paraphrase the late great Kerry Packer, "Anyone who doesn't pay as little tax as legally possible, should have his head read, because let me tell you, you bastards don't do a very good job of spending it." The simple and indisputable fact is that an RFL will just stop people fishing, particularly the occasional fisher, and far more importantly it will stop kids starting.

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    And to add to that above it also won't stop the people who are abusing current size and possesion limits because they do not care about any laws.
    Kids who Hunt and Fish, Don't Deal and Steal.

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Well put kc. Totally agree. Overseas examples of fishing permits and licences are mind boggingly restrictive and expensive. We really don't want that for our kids. Don't let 'em get their foot in this door or they'll eventually go down the same road.

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    I don't quite get the comments about how a fresh water license is OK because it helps with restocking, but a salt water license is out of the question, why can't a salt water license be the same (or similar)? We (NSW) have had salt water licenses for a long time now, and I reckon most of the money goes to administration, Gov departments and Christ knows where else, but at least some of it goes back to fishing facilities and so on, what percentage? don't know, probably bugger all, but, at least a bit does. I think a rec license to fund some sort of inspectors would be a good thing, the license fee in the big scheme of things is pretty small really, and there is lots of ways to take a kid fishing without a license, pensioners are exempt, 3 day licenses are available for low use types. All that said, I am not fully convinced that the actual license idea is great, can't say that it imposes on my freedom to fish or my personal life any more than my drivers licence! maybe something like your boat licence could include a small fishing "levy"?

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Time I will never recover and some back ground on this topic -

    The main issue is the well founded "distrust of government" - you only have to look at what happened with the PPV levy ( Now RUF - where did that go again ?.... )

    The reality is the government is NOT going to allocate enough funding to do ALL the great stuff we know should be done to protect & enhance recreation fishing across our state ....

    EVERY major recreational fishing group in Queensland NOW has a position that they would be prepared to support with ALL of them being along these lines :-

    The key is "trust accounts" and it will need to be "sold" with the benefits that WILL come with having one in Qld .....

    Regards Scotto
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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Noel, I take your point about SIP being "OK" but if you don't have a SIP then you can still "easily" go for a fish in salt water. Stocked impoundments are created specifically for rec fishing with a direct "pay for play" ethos. It is a fishery which was not a birthright for all Australians, like, I believe our natural fisheries are. This is all about "show me the money", just another tax. It will fund a few more government employees and pen pushers, it will fund a few recreational fishing "peak bodies" with grants and conferences to attend, heck, it might even fund a few more fisheries officers, or not. Will it improve the experience? I live within 1/2 hour of Prossy Dam but never fish it. I can't be bothered, on a spur of the moment, to have to go buy a 7 day SIP when I think about heading out to the dam, so fish the saltwater almost exclusively. Maybe I'm a little bit lucky to live in an area which gets relatively little pressure so can shoot out for a day and hardy see another boat and don't see the fishery being abused due to lack of enforcement, but, a tax, and RFL will just be, as has been demonstrated everywhere it has been brought in, the precursor to a decline in the numbers of people going fishing. The push for an RFL has the absolute support of the green lobby; that alone should ring alarm bells.

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Yep, I can see exactly what you're saying, but, I don't think the door should be just shut and locked, I have been involved in enough Gov initiatives to know that for every good thing that MIGHT come from it, there will be a dozen steering committees, working parties and God knows what else that eats dollars like lollies at a kids party, dwindling available funds to near nothing, but it can work, as I said, the actual money involved for a license is nothing compared to what we spend to go fishing, and if it helps even a bit, it just might be worth it!

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    "To be part of the new scheme all groups have to sign a nondisclosure statement preventing them from disclosing their new funding arrangements.
    this reeks of collusion so much for open government policy)
    The government will now cream off 30% of monies raised for admin."

    Do you just make this up Ray, because it is absolute rubbish.....

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hambone View Post
    "To be part of the new scheme all groups have to sign a nondisclosure statement preventing them from disclosing their new funding arrangements.
    this reeks of collusion so much for open government policy)
    The government will now cream off 30% of monies raised for admin."

    Do you just make this up Ray, because it is absolute rubbish.....
    Do clear the air then sir?

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    Re: Qld Recreational Fishing Licence ?

    No number of proposed advantages to the fishery or to the facilities I may or may not use compensates me for the intrusion of being regulated in the future when I am unregulated now.

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