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    Question Fish Candy Smash Crabs

    Hey has anyone used these smash crabs for snapper?
    Been looking at them since they first came out but never really looked into buying one till now but
    problem is I can't find one review or video of someone using one while out fishing,
    they look amazing and I know snapper and other reef love crabs but would love
    to know if they really work... So has anyone used one for snapper is like 2-10m water?

    Edit: I got 3 of the crabs today.. They look so damn real.


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    Re: Fish Candy Smash Crabs

    Last time I was out in the bay i had one sitting just off the bottom on a rod in a rod holder letting he boat give it action. It got absolutely smashed, that was the last time I seen it. Havnt had a chance to use them again since then.

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    Re: Fish Candy Smash Crabs

    Bought one as well thinking it would be good for parrot, still in the tackle box yet to be used.

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