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    Yabbies Sandgate Landbased

    Visiting family in Sandgate and was wanting to pump some yabbies for bream fishing. Any easy accessible and land based yabby spots around?

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    Re: Yabbies Sandgate Landbased

    i think they get yabbies on the flats near hayes inlet (end of haymouth st) but you might need to work a little for them

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    Re: Yabbies Sandgate Landbased

    Never seen a yabby pumped there but if you dig along the wall you will get some worms.

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    Re: Yabbies Sandgate Landbased

    When i use to use live on the waterfront many years ago at Sandgate I use to pump a few around the flats out the front of the swimming pool. I use to have to wander around a fair bit to find them, but could generally get enough to use locally. They are not concentrated and there are relatively few burrow openings, but when you start pumping you will see more burrow openings appear. If I did want a serious number though I would go to somewhere like Toorbul.

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    Re: Yabbies Sandgate Landbased

    Been off line for a while but thanks for the replies. I ended up using green prawns from the trawlers at Cabbage Tree Creek and caught some undersize bream off the fishing platform. Saw a bloke with about 20 small winter whiting on the Shorncliffe Pier. I mean really small, he would have to mince them and make patties.

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