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    Moreton bay reefs

    Iam about to venture out bit further with new boat.
    I have been checking some maps i have and on them are a few reefs that i have never heard off between redcliffe and Tangas.
    Captain Nielsen, Paddock, River wreck reef.

    Are these holding any fish from anyones past experiences?

    I have a 460 renegade with 75hp 4 stroke.
    Is this capable of going out to Flinders, smiths or around cape moreton.

    What should i watch for or any safer route than others?

    I just want to get away from whiting, flathead, bream.

    Was also thinking of trying out from mooloolaba or noosa.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    On a good day you can get virtually anywhere around Moreton.

    A long time ago we used to get outside Moreton to deep tempest in a 4.2m seahorse Stacer.

    It all depends on your comfort levels as a boat owner and making sure you only pick the great days like Tuesday just gone.

    The bay can hold good reef fish it's just like most areas in the bay persistence and a bit of luck and you will get fish.

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    I've looked at that river wreck a few times, holds small bait but never managed a fish off it....captain nelson, you can pull a fish or two off it as long as you get there first and the dolphins don;t steel your catch! Watch out though, boats anchor hundreds of meters off it and let their lines float back unweighted in the current, if you go sounding over the actual wreck you will cop some serious abuse...

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    Thanks Crunchy. Serious abuse never worries me. Lol . Got to have a look at whats there.
    Will try the other couple. Just want something different.


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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    That is fair enough to not worry about abuse from others, but you should certainly be mindful of others fishing there who may have a burley trail going and lines some distance down-current from their boat. It would be very disrespectful to just barge in and ignore others.

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    I didnt say i wasnt going to be mindful. U certainly jump to conclusions Jeremy. Iam not going to run over lines, just cruice around to sound the area.
    Nothing constructive then say nothing.
    Think i have been fishing long enough to consider others

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    Not being familiar with bay fishing at the time imagine how shitty they got when I thought they were just being freindly and waved back

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    Crunchy i know right from wrong, but surely u have the right to sound around reef area.

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    Sounds like you've got all the answers you need.

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    Bay fishing requires a bit of finesse, I don't think you have it unfortunately but if you listen you can learn it!

    I will give you a brief rundown, this area has a very strong tidal flow therefore it is hard to fish except for a very small window around the tide change..

    You need to be there, anchored up and burleying (usually) due to this sometimes quite a few hours before you even bother dropping a line in the water..

    So lets put the shoe on the other foot, imagine you have been sitting there for hours, start floating out some baits into your burley trail as the tide slows and then some turkey decides that he wants to drive over and sound the area where your lines are floating towards just to have a look at the structure you are trying to fish, undoing the hard work you have done, scaring the fish and shutting down the small window of opportunity that you once had and expecting people not to be upset by it!

    Yes, nobody owns the ocean but that is common courtesy whether you are fishing the bay, offshore or anywhere for that matter there is plenty of water and space without having to annoy other fisherman if they have beaten you to the chase!

    You never know if you practice it maybe someone will show you the same courtesy when you are there already on another occasion.

    If you cannot get your head around this, probably best to stick to the flathead, bream and whiting fishing!

    Your boat is more than capable for all those areas and beyond on the right day/night, conditions and with a competent skipper behind the wheel.

    I too have fished offshore many times safely in my 4.3 tinny and 50hp Yamaha at all of the locations mentioned, if your confident in your boat, your knowledge and reading the weather you will be ok!

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    ^ very well exaplined Watto, when I did it it was out of ignorance having not long moved to Brisvegas, in fact I remeber thinking " I wonder if my marks for the wreck are wrong and its way over there". Once I realised what I had done I felt pretty bad, I now always give those guys plenty of space. The reality is if you sidele up next to them (Within reason) and let a bait float into the zone the other fisho's unlikley to mind too much but go zigzagging all over the mark and shut the fish down well then that's just piss poor ettiquite. Have a sound around when no one is there, not much to see anyway, bit of structure and a few small shows if your lucky.....

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    You have it Crunchy

    You have worked it out, that's exactly what to do possie up next to someone and give your self a shot as well without impeding their space..

    I am not saying you cant sound the wreck or that this is the only way it can be fished, but when there are boats there and lets face it nine times out of ten there will be as it is no secret anymore this is a much smarter approach.

    There are much better spots than this one in the bay anyway, especially if you want a trophy bay fish.

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    Quote Originally Posted by Watto79 View Post

    There are much better spots than this one in the bay anyway, especially if you want a trophy bay fish.
    Just PM me

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    Re: Moreton bay reefs

    How some people get on their high horse just to hear their own voice.
    I ask a simple question about reefs, someone else says don't go there because u will get abused.
    I said I know the difference between right and wrong and that I would never run over other guys lines. Just have a look around but extremely mindful of other boats.
    And then some one tells me that if I can't do the right thing I should stick to flathead and bream fishing.
    I have been on this site for over 12 yrs and never came across these attitudes .
    No wonder this site has gone downhill.
    U use to be able to get good advice and always fun.
    Now it's just stick it to ya.
    A real shame

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