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    Line lay issues with new Sedona 5000 FI...

    Well, I upgraded my old Sedona 5000 FE, for a newer model, the FE, as it now has a 6.2:1 retrieve - ideal for spinning.
    Unhappy with the lay of the line on the spool, I emailed Shimano, who asked for it to be returned, as they also felt the 'hourglass' shape of the line was not reflective of their varispeed function.
    They advised that they'd found an extra shim on the spool shaft, (yes, I'd installed one, and actually improved the line lay), and then they claimed that this was the sole issue.
    When it came back, I re-spooled it, and the result is shown in the photo below. The new FI is on the left, my old FE, on the right. Same .25mm line, same length!
    Absolutely disgusted, and Shimano still won't reply - even though I emailed them this photo, 6 days ago!

    Has anyone else experienced this issue - or have I bought a lemon?


    Spool comparison.jpg
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    Re: Line lay issues with new Sedona 5000 FI...

    Mate have u tried adding different shims and different thickness of the shims?


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    Re: Line lay issues with new Sedona 5000 FI...

    Isn't a taper the new thing, helps with the line peeling off. Called a reverse taper, Daiwa, ABS have it .

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    Re: Line lay issues with new Sedona 5000 FI...

    Was hesitant to offer that - maybe it is intentional to offer better casting? Your old one appears to have same to a lesser degree. Dunno - I use overheads.

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    Re: Line lay issues with new Sedona 5000 FI...

    Mate I just respooled my Stella 5000 and it ended up with a similar taper. I unspooled it, added one washer, did it again and it ended up with a reverse taper so I unspooled it again. When I read the instructions manual for the Stella they actually recommended a taper like the one on your Sedona! Knowing this mate I wouldn't worry.

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