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    Northern Territory size limits

    A mate was asking me about minimum sizes for Red Emperor up there. An outlet near him sells small whole fillets they say come from NT. I Googled and could find regulations for most things but not much in the way of minimum sizes, especially reds. Most info seemed to be about maximum numbers of most species. Can anyone help please.

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    Re: Northern Territory size limits

    No size limit on red Emperor in N.T from the quick search I did

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    Re: Northern Territory size limits

    Bought a red emperor from the shop a while back. Was less than 50cm and it had me wondering where it came from. I was worried about a knock on the door from fisheries all week, until the skeleton went out with the rubbish.

    Must have come from the NT.

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    Re: Northern Territory size limits

    I was led to belive it was depending on where the fish was sourced, but then the law is inconsistent as you can't sell female mud crabs in qld. The same problem existed many years ago when a couple of mates and I did a charter out of tweed heads, the fish kept on the charter were below slds minimum so the moment we set foot back across the boarder some of us would have been liable for a fine. Maybe fishing regs should be regulated federally. I did think this until I recently read some research papers on the growth and reproductive rates of dusky flathead, what a minefield you would be treading to try and implement the same rules and restrictions across the various states.

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    Re: Northern Territory size limits

    Size limits in the territory tend to be based on what you can pick up.......goes along with their excellent boat licencing and registration schemes.......

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    Re: Northern Territory size limits

    Thanks for the info fellas.

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    Re: Northern Territory size limits

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    Re: Northern Territory size limits

    As long as you have proof like a reciept of where the fish or seafood item was purchased from it isn't an issue. Same as catching fish from a different state and transporting across borders, as long as you have proof that the fish was legal in the state it was caught no problems. Proof could be fuel reciepts, reciepts from bait shops, etc.

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