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    WT, Lowrance don't carry spares.

    RS components should have what you want.
    You can filter the range to narrow the search.

    If they don't have it try Element 14

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    Re: WT, Lowrance don't carry spares.

    Owen, thanks for that. I've got it going with a metal din plug and just trying to organise to pick up the old units from gonfishing, if they don't fit I'll try these.
    BTW your Ezymark came in very handy when my mate had trouble transferring data from the old unit to the new one he bought, what he didn't realise was that by going from an Elite to a Hook series he was actually going back in software.

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    Re: WT, Lowrance don't carry spares.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dignity View Post
    I guess I should have clarified (not thinking clearly at 2am) , it only cost me $260 to have my Garmin replaced when the screen died because they repair units.
    Now thats an interesting piece of infomation and one worth remembering when update time comes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Funchy View Post
    Sam, Labor's Elite 7 shat itself after 2.5 yrs of use. Same deal, they replaced old for new for half price. He was happy with that outcome.
    I wouldnt have been n would have pushed hard for a better one or at least some sort of upgrade.
    I expect my equipment to last longer than that when I pay the amounts asked for it

    Maybe there is a market for someone to tap into, much like some have seen with mobile phones.

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    Re: WT, Lowrance don't carry spares.

    Coontakinta, units in the last few years have come a long way although in saying that I don't understand why Lowrance hasn't updated ghe software in their Hook range, for instance they now have CHIRP but retain the old GPS software.

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