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    life jackets

    hi all
    where do i get my inflatable pdf checked i am at ningi qld the shop dont do it and bribie boat sales have moved to redcliff
    cheers snap

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    Re: life jackets

    What brand's your PFD? If there's no fault and you're just needing to do the annual inspection, some brands like Burke allows self inspection by downloading a checklist/self inspection certificate from their website. Simple instructions, check the boxes, sign and date and keep for record. Also write inspection date on PFD. Done.
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    Re: life jackets

    thanks for that but mine they have no brand name on themat all
    cheers snap

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    Re: life jackets

    You can get them from 60 - 80 bucks on sale if you keep your eyes open, so if your not comfortable servicing them yourself, or cant finds instructions, buy a new one next time they are on sale. Just check on the service instructions before buying, some stipulate replacement of the cartridge, avoid them, as long as it isn't rusted or used, the cylinders are fine to just be left in there, and you just need to do an inflation test (blown up through the mouth tube) to make sure they stay inflated for 24 hours.. (You can weigh the cylinders to be sure they are still full if you want to be pedantic).

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    Re: life jackets

    They are on sale at Whitworths for $49 at the moment. Otherwise you can take them to Marine Safe in Springwood, just past the harley dealership

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