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Thread: Furuno tzt2 12

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    Furuno tzt2 12

    Anyone using the above as a fish finder ? Looking at buying one but now sure how easy it will be to adjust being touch screen going through menus etc, any feedback before I bite the bullet would be appreciated

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    Re: Furuno tzt2 12

    Just as is it is the same as the 587. If you want it can be a 1150 with the appropriate module. It also is a pretty handy gps with a quick mark feature, something i really like, or a gp35 i think it is.
    Its a monitor so you can add what you like for a proce of course.
    I want one myself.
    Just a couple k away

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    Re: Furuno tzt2 12

    the 587/588 have dedicated buttons right in front of you so very quick to adjust,not like touchscreen where you have to use menus to find it , just seeing if someone has hands on experience

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    Re: Furuno tzt2 12

    Menu driven means that there will be more steps but there are also extra features over the 588. Is it "easy"? Only way to know is to go and have a play with one. What seems easy to some might as well be written in double dutch for others. The manuals are downloadable from the FurunoUSA website so you can have a read as well.
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