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    Copeton Dam camping

    We are heading out to Copeton Dam on the 17th May. It's our 5 day shakedown trip before we head off on our 4 month Kimberley adventure.
    I've never been to Coperon but I understand you can pretty much camp anywhere around the dam down on the water.
    Looking on Google earth and Google maps there are plenty of tracks heading down to the water on the north side of the dam. Can anybody give me advice on which road/track to start heading down.
    We want to be fully remote and self sufficient to test all our gear so away from others is preferred and we dont require amenities. Somewhere close to some good fish would also be a benefit.
    We've never been there before and are looking forward to our 5 day stay.

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    Re: Copeton Dam camping


    the north shore is cheaper but less amenities than the copeton waters family oriented site.

    Very well signed and from basically the centre centre of town.

    Head down Auburn Vale Road off the Gwider Highway / Byron Street. As advised very well sign posted to both sites.


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    Re: Copeton Dam camping

    Looking forward to a report, this place is definitely on my bucket list.

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