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Thread: Trolling speeds

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    Trolling speeds

    can someone tell me the proper trolling speeds for different sp mackerel , tailor , tuna , billfish etc..

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    Re: Trolling speeds

    I don't know if there is a "proper" trolling speed as such, but I used to try and troll as fast as the slowest lure would allow. The slowest lure being the one that pops out of the water as the speed increases. That speed would generally be between 6 and 10 knots. 10 knots rarely, and mostly in the middle. If trolling bait, possibly less than 6.

    I have never trolled for tailor, have caught them with chrome spinners and never tried to retrieve them as fast as I could. I don't think I would go faster than 6 knots for tailor.

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    Re: Trolling speeds

    Thanks for that Bremic , that's about what I reckoned...slimey mackerel like a bit of speed 12/15..I hooked a marlin at 23kno.ts last year but I doubt if that speed would be the go normally...we have tailor on at the back of the breakers, cant reach them from the beach ,so I may give them a troll..but like you have never tried them from a boat..

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    Re: Trolling speeds

    The simple answer is the speed at which the lures work best. A spread should be selected so they all work at the same speed.
    To give you a starting point:
    - pushers for billfish at around 6.5 knots
    - bibbed lures for mackerel at 6-8 knots
    - dead baits at 2-3 knots
    - live baits 1-2 knots

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    Re: Trolling speeds

    that's what I was looking for....thanks Jeremy

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