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Thread: Which sounder

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    Which sounder

    I just bought new boat and time to buy new sounder.

    I want a 9" screen, down and side views.

    I dont know much about them so what are ur recommendations?


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    Re: Which sounder

    Garmin 95 sv good sounder, we have three of them now in our boats.

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    Which sounder

    Try moosemarine he's on here and FB.
    He recently had ex tv demo units (12" units I think) for sale.
    Personally I've got a 9" Simrad Evo and I'm wrapt with it. You need a decent transducer as well.


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    Re: Which sounder

    I had a garman 7" in last boat but i bet they have changed in last 2 yrs.
    I looked at the lowrance struct scan today. They looked pretty good.
    I heard simrad are a good unit

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    Re: Which sounder

    Lowrance or Simrad are basically the same. The new HDS Carbon look good, incredible screens. The SS and down is best with the Lowrance/Simrad multiple elements IMHO. Mat.

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    Re: Which sounder

    9" is a pretty hottly contested segment with a few brands offering class leading tech in various fields... so.. lets get started.

    ATM the highest resolution screens are the solarmax Simrad NSS9 evo3 and lowrance HDS CARBON. both are also the highest pixel per inch in their ranges. the chrispness and viewing angles of these units are amazing. im more impressed with them than i thought i would be.

    The new Raymarine Axiom system has the brightest screens ,with the best daylight visibility,

    The lowrance HDS carbon, and Simrad NSS evo3 are both multi touch screen and buttons
    the Lowrance Elite Ti range is single touch and buttons
    the Simrad Go 9 xse is multipoint no buttons

    The raymarine AXIOM is multi touch no buttons

    the Garmin echomap is buttons only
    the Garmin gpsmap 952 is multi touch only
    the Garmin 7410XSV is multi touch only

    The Humminbird Helix is button only
    The Humminbird Solix is multi touch and buttons

    in terms of features.

    BUILT IN "no module boxes required"

    The RAYMARINE axiom has High Frequency wide beam CHIRP traditional sonar. High frequency side scanning sonar, down scanning sonar and gyro stabilized 3D sonar .. in one transducer. with the option of up to a 600w tone pulse transducer added on.

    The HDS CARBON has two 9 pin sonar ports. allowing for up to two 600w chirp transducers connected at once. alternitivly a structure scan HD transducer. or a total scan transducer. "side scan, down scan, 83/200psudo-chirped and a single 600w chirp transducer"

    The NSS EVO3 has two 9 pin sonar ports, allowing for up to two 1kw CHIRP transducers connected at once. alternitivly a structure scan HD or Totalscan transducer "side scan, down scan, 83/200psudo chirp and a single 1kw transducer"

    The garmin echomap CHIRP 9sv has a single 12 pin orange connected, units are packaged with either a GT52 high frequency wide beam 250w transducer also incorperating chirped side and down high freqncy "clearvu". or a gt51 600w medium frequency chirp transducer with 260/455khz chirped side and down frequency "clearvu".

    the GPSMAP units have the same as the echomap but can handle single 1kw chirp transducers with the 952xsv ,or dual 1kw transducers for the 7410XSV

    The Humminbird Helix9si g2M has a 300w chirped range traditional sonar and chirped Megahertz range side and down imaging all in one transducer with the abilit to run a single 600w transducer tone pulse


    The lowrance HDS carbon and NSS EVO3 Both have bluetooth and WIFI features. Ethernet, NMEA2K, NMEA 0183, Can connect to various external sources, Structure scan 3D , autopilot options. radar options.

    the Garmin Echomap has Nmea2k, NMEA 0183, can connect to auto pilot, and Panoptix 3d sonar

    the Garmin GPSMAP has NMEA2K, NMEA0183, Ethernet, ANT+ wifi, J1939,

    The raymarine axiom has NMEA2K, NMEA0183, WIFI, BLUETOOTH, USB,

    -----Things that stand out-------

    Lowrance, very easy to create custom menus and screens
    NSS9 evo3......very tactile robust rotary knob
    Humminbird helix MEGA--------best side and down imaging
    Raymarine.......totally glass front. no openings at all, fastest processor
    Garmin echomap- Quickrelease bracket
    Garmin GPSmap easy to use

    Sonar performance

    so ive used all of these systems on the water except the raymarine axiom rv "hasnt arrived yet" . the Garmin was a stand out for a long time for providing pretty clean and easy imaging without having to muck around much with settings. though the new simrad evo3 has impressed me more. the simrad wins the "most improved award". the Humminbirds Mega imaging is a stand out and no brand comes close if shallow water hunting is what you are after. i am very excited to give this Axiom system a crack as soon as i can. its promising great things.

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    Re: Which sounder


    for price.. the Elite 9Ti is a box ticker that provides.. okay sonar.. okay mapping.. okay usability.... but its pretty cheap
    best quality sonar would go to the GPSMAP garmin or NSSevo 3 simrad WILD CARD!! the new raymarine axiom could prove to be VERY VERY VERY good. watch this space
    Humminbird helix wins the "out of the blue" award. its sonar is pretty impressive in 50mt and less water. its mapping is... okay and usable. not great..

    i guess it all depends on your budget. where you are fishing. what you are fishing for. space available and how good your eye sight is

    Chelsea Heights, Victoria

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    Re: Which sounder

    Another vote for the Simrad.

    I have the 7" GO XSE and have been very impressed with it.

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    Re: Which sounder

    Cheers for putting that summary together Moose

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    Re: Which sounder

    and yep i have a brand new ELITE 12TI going cheap. a HDS7 carbon , NSS12 evo2 simrad,

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    Re: Which sounder

    Moose, thanks heaps. I will sit down and read it all. Can u throw some prices on the 9inch please


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    Re: Which sounder

    Mr Moose Could you include length of warranty and reliability issues, whether they can be repaired or are throwaway when out of warranty in your summations?

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    Re: Which sounder

    Looking at the Lowrance Ti 9 inch touch screen and the Garmin echo map 95sv9 inch.only $100 difference.

    What opinions?
    Do you think touch screen is more useful than buttons.?


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    Re: Which sounder

    Moose how much elite t1 12?


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    Re: Which sounder

    Elite 12Ti with totalscan transducer $2500

    ill put together a more comprehensive list shortly

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