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Thread: Copeton dam

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    Copeton dam

    Hi lads just wondering has anyone fished copeton recently any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated as iam still chasing that elusive big green machine the cod

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    Re: Copeton dam

    Mate the big Cod are going off atm, 12 fish over the meter were caught on Sunday & a couple more since then. Most fish are caught at night & very early in the morning on the surface. The best lures have been large wakebait's, Large spinnerbait's & Chatterbaits, up in the back of the bay's is a good place to start. I have caught a couple of good fish in the last two week's just before daylight but now bloody work is getting in the way. good luck.

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    Re: Copeton dam

    Thanks barry for the heads up mate hope to get there for the weekend . Will hopefully get that big bugger ive been chasing for a while now👍

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