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    Question Is the system fair ?

    Is a 3rd time, strike ! you are out ?

    A $10,000 fine is what a commercial angler copped after illegally fishing at Swains Reef, off Gladstone.

    The commercial reef line fishing dory operator received the fine after being caught in a no-take green zone in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park for the THIRD TIME !!!!!!!.
    The dory operator was recently convicted in Gladstone Magistrates Court after his dory was detected by a surveillance aircraft in a green zone at the Swain Reefs in February 2016.
    The court heard the dory operator had two prior convictions following aircraft detections of his dory in marine park green zones.

    "This case shows people who choose to ignore the law and engage in illegal activity in the marine park run the risk of considerable fines,” said Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority field management director Richard Quincey.

    "We take these offences seriously.”

    Mr Quincey said illegal fishing undermined the effectiveness of the network of green zones, which were designed to conserve the reef's biodiversity.

    "We're doing all we can to reduce illegal fishing and other activity that harms the reef, including taking increasingly serious action against offenders,” he said.

    "This is particularly important now with the reef's health under pressure from consecutive mass coral bleaching events, the impact of cyclones and an ongoing crown-of-thorns starfish outbreak.

    "All marine park users can play their part by making sure they don't fish in green zones, anchor on or otherwise damage coral, and can report any illegal activity they see.”
    Aircraft and vessel patrols in the marine park are conducted by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Maritime Border Command, Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol, and Queensland Police.
    Reports of suspected illegal activity can be made anonymously by calling the 24-hour hotline on 1800 380 048 or online at

    Reported in the Gladstone Observer 2nd May 2017

    My question to Fisheries Queensland is, " Are you happy with this outcome or frustrated with the legal system ? ".

    You know these dories can pull upwards of $5,000 a day off the reefs in the Green Zones, so is a $10,000 fine sufficient ? This is not about commercial fishing bashing, the rules apply to all fishers. IMO, 3rd strike... you are OUT ! or at least a visit to the Big House ? And what about the skipper of the mother-ship ? ><>

    more..... Two men have received fines totalling $20,000 after being caught with female and undersize crabs at night on the northern end of the Gold Coast.

    Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers conducted surveillance at Shipper Drive on the Gold Coast after receiving complaints from recreational fishers.

    QBFP Officer Ryan Stove said around 10.30pm, officers’ intercepted two men as they were leaving the area after observing them place crab pots, a large white sack, bucket and shopping bags into their vehicle.
    “We intercepted their vehicle and found 18 female mud crabs, 18 undersize male mud crabs, two undersize yellowfin bream, three undersize summer whiting, one undersize dusky flathead,” he said.

    “Officers also found ten unmarked crab pots. Upon completion of the inspection all mud crabs were released back into the water alive.”

    Mr Stove said both men claimed that they had no knowledge of crabbing or fishing regulations in Queensland and were charged with five counts of possessing regulated fish as well as two counts regarding use of regulated fishing apparatus. ..

    So a recreational fisher gets $10,00 fine for a few crabs and fish, yet a Professional fisher who takes fish for sale.... gets pinged 3 times in a Green zone where no doubt his fish numbers were huge and gets same penalty.... WTF ! Fisheries Queensland ?


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    Re: Is the system fair ?

    mother ship and all dorys associated with it should be confiscated imo

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    Re: Is the system fair ?

    I guess in a way there is multiple problems, the dory operator should be heavily fined, his licence confiscated, and after the third offence, spend some time behind bars, the mothership skipper and owner, if proven to know what was going on (difficult to prove) should face an even more severe penalty for condoning such practice, remember these are "professional" operators, no different to any other trade, you continue to break laws, you're out, plain and simple! Now, the recreational guys are slightly different, if (say) a family of fishers get checked and have perhaps a slightly small fish, then a warning, maybe a nominal fine and details recorded, but, get caught again and the penalty gets somewhat tougher to try to make you "learn" it's wrong, get caught again, and you get the book thrown at you, big time.
    This is different to a rec fisher who is obviously taking quantities of crabs or fish (big or small) to sell, this guy is neither pro or rec, he is just a crook and does not get even a second chance, he gets a court appearance and a please explain first up! there is varying degrees of issues at play here.

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    Re: Is the system fair ?

    I agree with Noelm's comments, especially the fact that it is a trade, and like all trades/professions there is rules and regulations.

    We own an electrical business and abide by the regs that govern our industry and we take it very seriously. So what makes these people so special and different to the rest of us, nothing!!!!!

    Our laws in Australia we are not tough enough, especially on repeat offenders and a change has to come sooner rather than later!

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    Re: Is the system fair ?

    He would take a $10k hit every week to fish a Green Zone. Absolute joke. I think multiple offences should see confiscation of licence and boat plus some 'alone time' in the boob to have a bit of a think about what an arseclown he is.

    Judicial system is a joke.

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    Re: Is the system fair ?

    Id like to meet the fisherman that can catch $5000 of fish a day out in the swains,the skipper is on the mother ship so has no way of knowing if a dory has gone in the green zone so its a hard thing to police,the dory operator deserved all he got those planes fly so low over you you can see there faces lol.

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    Re: Is the system fair ?

    Quote Originally Posted by chris69 View Post
    the skipper is on the mother ship so has no way of knowing if a dory has gone in the green zone so its a hard thing to police.
    The dory operator is an employee of the skipper of the mother ship and thus it is the skipper of the mother ship's responsibility to ensure his actions are lawful. Simple gps tracking of the dory would enable the mother ship skipper to check on his employees actions.

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    Re: Is the system fair ?

    I'd say the operator considers it fair, he evaluated the cost of fishing there, and has paid the requisite fee imposed by the court.
    Be out there doing it again next week.

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