I'm doing a run from Cooma to Rockhampton in a couple of months for a shooting trip. I'm taking the boat, cause why not, and plan to fish my way back.
Where is worth stopping for a fish?
As I'm from Seaforth in QLD, and grew up in Gladstone, I've already done most of the Northern/Central QLD areas, and ventured south to a small extent.
I'm thinking my best time would be spent around Northern NSW coast.
Unfortunately, I'll probably only have a week to 10 days (cause I save my holidays for our Territory Trip each year now , so I'm keen to explore different places along the way, so no stopping for too long.
I'll be free camping in our Ute back camper, and the boat is a 5m Top Ender, so keen to explore.
My other option is just to fish North QLD, get back to chasing Barra and Mud Crabs and then bee line it back to Cooma, but I'd like to explore Northern NSW now we're residents of the cold part of the country now


PS, if anyone is willing to pass on some secrets but not to the world, feel free to PM, ya secret will be safe.

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