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    Prawn Pie Recipes

    G,day everyone,

    I am looking to see what prawn pie recipes are around.

    I remember years ago having an amazing prawn pie that had a creamy / curry type sauce added with carrot and peas etc.

    I think it was an ol skool recipe, and would love to replicate that one again !!!


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    Re: Prawn Pie Recipes

    There has got to be one out there?

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    Re: Prawn Pie Recipes

    Make up a curried prawn recipe, thicken and place in pie casing as filling.

    Never tried it but sounds ok

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    Re: Prawn Pie Recipes

    Thanks Shakey, that does sound like a good place to start

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    Re: Prawn Pie Recipes

    Cheers tunaticer!!, there are a couple there that look pretty good. I want to make some like a traditional pastry pie similar to the ones from a bakery, but with prawn

    I remember the ships club on Straddie had a great prawn pie, would love to get close to that one

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    Re: Prawn Pie Recipes

    How about dropping the prawns at my place, and I will give you a couple of bucks to buy a good old meat pie. That will work.

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    Re: Prawn Pie Recipes

    Sounds fair David, I am lucky at eat a lot of prawn hence why im looking to do something a little different.

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