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    stanage bay in 4m boat

    hi fist time going to stanage taking a 4m boat can i get to any reef and im going at the end of oct any info would be great

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    Re: stanage bay in 4m boat

    Plenty of people have been out to the dukes on a good day. It's the closest island group.

    Make sure you have epirb if heading out.

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    Re: stanage bay in 4m boat

    On a good day no problems. When the weather turns bad you will wish you were in a much bigger boat. The waves do stand up around and in between the islands and when its tide against wind.

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    Re: stanage bay in 4m boat

    thats good we have 10 days so hope to get out and get sum reef fish any spots or marks would be great if anyone would like to pass on

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    Re: stanage bay in 4m boat

    First stop upon arrival, after the pub go and see Von in the tackle shop there she will point you in the right direction and share some knowledge about the area..

    Plenty of ground close but as with anything usually bit harder work than the stuff that is harder to get too, good luck.

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    Re: stanage bay in 4m boat

    wind against the tide is pretty choppy with short waves ,used a 4.9 and having a good time down the channel in the creeks ,went around an island in flat water and met short sharp waves with a headwind on an outgoing tide,taking water over the bow ,certainly wakes you up ,you see the same effect in the channel in front of the boat ramp and wonder what the dirty /brown water is all about - to a firstimer like me i thought it was a long sand bank.

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